Struggling to find answers

By Country News on June 15, 2016

For Girgarre farmer Jayke Fisher and his wife and business partner, Bec, the dairy industry has been their life.

“We love it, our kids love it and it’s in our blood,’’ Mr Fisher, 26, said.

“And it’s high reward. Planting something and breeding something and watching it grow and develop all the while your family grows and develops, is so rewarding.’’

Their business strategy changed dramatically when their factory, Murray Goulburn, advised them of the milk price cut.

In April the Fishers did an estimated budget with the milk price at $5.60/kg.

“Then the next week they slash their price again,” Mr Fisher said.

“How do we budget and prepare and plan when the rug is continuously pulled from under us?’’

He dismissed the ‘milk support package’ as of no value.

By Country News on June 15, 2016

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