Challenges are many

By Country News on June 09, 2016

The recent announcements of a stepdown in milk price could not have come at a worse time for our industry, with farmers already cash-strapped as a result of a tough dry season.  These announcements have challenged all milk producers and raised questions about their continuation in the industry.

What do I do now, and how do I do it?” is a question many might ask.  My answer is to take the time to have a rational think about it; do not react emotionally. I know this is hard, because our lives revolve around our businesses.

Murray Dairy is rolling out its Tactics for Tight Times program. This includes a free one-to-one business assessment and support service to help you to determine where your business is financially positioned. This can help clarify your future farming options.  Other activities available to you are workshops and on-farm days that are focused on business analysis and scenario planning, feed and water budgeting and providing strategies relevant to farmers making key decisions on their farm.

It’s not all negative. It has rained, so we need to make a plan and work our way through it. As time goes by, more aspects of that plan will evolve and we can then adjust that plan as information comes to hand. We need to tackle the issues one at a time, take small steps, and the outcome will become clearer.

Remember, if you need assistance check out our website or phone the office on (03) 58335312.

Stay positive.

By-- Rick Cross, Murray Dairy Chair

By Country News on June 09, 2016

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