Growth opportunity predicted

By Country News on March 28, 2016

China’s strong appetite for Australian-made infant formula would only strengthen as the country continued its transition from an industrialised nation to a consumerist nation in the decades ahead.

That is the view of Australian powdered milk company Camperdown Dairy International (CDI) which has a new laser coding system and tamper-proof lids to confirm authenticity and offer parents peace of mind.

``China has a huge appetite for Australian infant formula and there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon,’’ CDI’s Powder Division general manager Gavin Evans said.

``The popularity of our infant product in China and other emerging Asian markets will continue to increase as the spending capacity of the growing middle classes drives demand  for quality western foods.’’

Mr Evans said the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement had created exciting new opportunities for Australian dairy operators entering a market where 17 million babies are born every year, and more and more mothers are entering the workforce.

Australia’s stringent food safety standards, regulatory environment and reputation for high quality natural foods had also increased the appeal for our infant product, according to CDI.

A contamination threat to a major dairy company and farmers group in New Zealand last November and the 2008 poisoning scandal in China has heightened consumer awareness about infant formula safety.

By Country News on March 28, 2016

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