Revise water and feed budgets for autumn

By Country News on February 29, 2016

With the summer season quickly coming to an end, we enter a critical period of planning in our businesses.

In the next few weeks we need to revise our water and feed budgets and take the appropriate action to ensure we have adequate feed on hand for the autumn/winter period, making sure we include the young stock when making these decisions.

Understanding our water strategy (for example, water ownership v temporary water, carryover and spillable accounts) is integral to when and how we kick-off the annual pastures.

Murray Dairy and DEDJTR are currently running a series of ‘shed days’ in various locations across the region, aiming to get people together on-farm and discussing strategies in preparation for autumn start-up.  If you aren’t able to attend any of these sessions, contact the Murray Dairy team for resources and information from the days.

For those of us with autumn-calving herds, now is the time to pregnancy test and cull any passengers (good for cash flow), dry-off those who are due to calve and make sure all nutritional needs of cows in different stages of lactation are catered for.

This year’s Australian Dairy Conference will be held in Shepparton on February 16, 17 and 18.

With the Murray Dairy region hosting the conference, multiple elements of the program aim to promote dairying in the area with sessions focusing on the importance of water and irrigation, along with pre-conference farm tours showcasing leading farmers in northern Victoria and southern NSW.

 The conference is regarded as Australia’s premier dairy event, so if it’s a viable option for you to attend, make the most of having this national conference at your doorstep

All the best and let it rain, rain, rain.

Rick Cross

Murray Dairy chairman

By Country News on February 29, 2016

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