Mastitis app saves time and money

By Country News on January 20, 2016
  • Mastitis app saves time and money

    Clean teats are essential to stave off mastitis.

Dairy Australia’s Countdown Mastitis Toolkit app is not only improving cow health and milk quality but also helping farmers saves thousands of dollars every year.


The app, which has had more than 3000 downloads since it was first released in September 2013, was designed in consultation with dairy farmers, advisers and vets and is based on the Countdown 2020 mastitis control program and associated resources.


South-west Victorian farmers Stephen and Tania Luckin said mastitis had been a major challenge on their 500-cow farm but by using the app as a control mechanism to monitor udder health and teat condition, they were saving up to $70000 a year.


The app had proven its worth not only for the information and ease-of-use but for getting the problem out of the dairy and from their minds onto paper so they could analyse and fix the problem, Mr Luckin said.


“What I like about the app is that it takes a lot of stuff out of your head you can just access it instantly and come up with an answer,” he said.


“You don’t have to rush home and look it up or think about it, and that’s worth a lot when you are milking.”


Divided into four sections, the app offers a range of the latest information and resources farmers need to manage mastitis in their herd including:


•    Tools.
•    Topics specific to common mastitis control scenarios.
•    Countdown farm guidelines.
•    A library featuring related articles, tips and traps. 


South-west Victorian farmer and veterinarian Zoe Vogels was part of the team that created the app. She said the app was easy to use and an invaluable resource, particularly for newcomers.


“It’s pretty much everything you need to know from calving to drying off,” Dr Vogels said.


“It gives you access on your phone straight away to the most up-to-date information on mastitis control and milk quality.


“The app is invaluable for anybody new to the dairy industry and also for milkers in the dairy, advisers, milk factory field officers, vet students and vets. I just think it’s really useful for anyone in the dairy industry.”


The Countdown Mastitis Toolkit app is available for iPhone and Android mobile devices (including tablets).

For details on how to download the app visit    

By Country News on January 20, 2016

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