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By Country News on January 20, 2016

A weekly email update is now available for irrigation farmers to help plan their watering requirements.

It includes evapotranspiration figures from the previous week at Deniliquin, Kyabram, Tatura, Kerang, Echuca, Yarrawallah, Numurkah as well as forecasted rates for the current week from the same locations.

It also a water commentary with some useful market information.

Senior irrigation Officer with the Department of Economic Development, Rob O’Connor
said the service was trialled last irrigation season with about 30 irrigators and service providers with positive feedback.

Currently there are over 200 people on the email list including dairy farmers, tomato growers and croppers.  They have a range of irrigation systems including surface border check, centre pivot and sub-surface drip.  
Mr O’Connor said those farmers who have more control applying their irrigation water are likely to get most benefit from the service.  For example, someone fortunate enough to have an upgraded layout or a pressurised system is more likely to put it to good use than someone with an old layout - just because it's easier to apply water when it's needed with improved systems.  

“A driver for providing the  service is to help irrigators grow as much per megalitre as possible - particularly with current elevated water prices,’’ Mr O’Connor said.

“Research and common sense tell us significant gains in production can be achieved by getting irrigation timing and quantity right.  With an improved irrigation delivery service and upgraded farm layouts, the next step is to match irrigation with plant requirements.’’
Anyone interested in the service should contact:

By Country News on January 20, 2016

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